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Located in the heart of New York City, The Heyman Center on Corporate Governance is the focal point at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law to research and discuss corporate and securities law.

Founded in 1987, The Heyman Center's mission is to raise public and academic awareness of pressing corporate and securities law issues, to produce and disseminate research on a broad range of corporate and securities law topics in these fields and to educate and train students and professionals. The Heyman Center frequently sponsors and organizes public symposia and lectures by prominent law and business figures and leading legal scholars.

Cardozo faculty and research affiliates of The Heyman Center write on a wide range of topics including cross-border securities offerings, derivatives regulation, corporate taxation, executive compensation, clearance and settlement regulation, corporate social responsibility, and the interests of nonstockholder constituencies. In addition, The Heyman Center supports research in environmental law, financial institutions, antitrust, mass tort litigation, alternative dispute resolution (including business and securities arbitration), employment law, international and comparative business, investment, and trade, and commercial law.

Students become involved in The Heyman Center by participating in the various programs organized by the Center, and working with faculty members on various student and faculty research projects. Through The Heyman Center, Cardozo students learn not only about corporate and securities law but also the financial, business, and regulatory contexts in which the law plays a part.

Professor Charles Yablon is the Faculty Director of The Heyman Center.  Jillian Gautier is the Program Director. Contact us directly at 212-790-0257.