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Date: 03/18/2014
Event: Heyman Center Lunch Talk with Shri Bhashyam '08, Co-founder of EquityZen
Location: 407
Time: 12:00 PM

Mr. Bhashyam is co-founder and director of EquityZen.

EquityZen (a 500 Startups company) connects shareholders of private companies with investors seeking alternative investments.

Private company shareholders have a brand new way to diversify and monetize their holdings. EquityZen’s proprietary solution provides access to cash without any effect on the company’s shareholder count or capitalization table.

Meanwhile, sophisticated investors gain access to returns previously limited to larger asset managers: upside in growth firms. EquityZen’s platform establishes a secure marketplace, allowing investors to browse investment opportunities in emerging companies and industries.


This event is open only to the Cardozo community. Registration is required. Lunch will be provided.